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One Year of Mondays

It only makes sense that the blogging one year falls on the one thing that has been consistent for the longest. Good ol' motivation Monday. Now I would like to say it's a celebration so let's take off from working out but I think we should do quite the contrary. We should honor this day and workout the hardest we've ever done! And as a treat I'm giving you a sample of my workout from today in hopes that you'll use it and love the results of today! 

Arm Day:

- 7 minute olyptical warm up
- 7 minute stretch
- 40 jumping jacks
- 10 push-ups
- 12 bicep curls
- 12 standing dumbbell tricep press
- 15 lap pull downs
- 10 cable press- each side (oblique workout)
- 12 seated cable row
*repeat all 3 times

Now I am not a trained professional and you all are liable when you try this on your own! However, these workouts worked great from me with a little guidance from a personal trainer friend. Enjoy guys! 

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